Nauyaca Waterfall Tour in Costa Rica


Enjoy the Nauyaca Waterfall Tour in Costa Rica

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In this expedition you can observe the Nauyaca Waterfalls, which have two levels and a beautiful pool to swim and explore. This will be particularly fun for younger travelers, providing ample opportunities to play on the rocks.


Nauyaca Waterfalls Tour Costa Rica


The Nauyaca Waterfalls tour begins with a 45-minute walk through the lush jungle. There will be an incredible waterfall that drops 24 m to a pool. Follow the instructor to dive from the shore that is 2 meters, another 7 meters and finally another 10 meters above the water.


Live the wonderful experience of Las Cataratas Nauyaca in Costa Rica

In the Tour you will enjoy at least 90 minutes at the base of the Nauyaca waterfall. Later, it will ascend to the upper level which is even more amazing to the eye; With its 58 m height, the fall to the water will truly leave you breathless. After 45 min in the catara it is time to descend following the path. Finally there is a stop at a rustic restaurant called Sancho’s for lunch.

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